Well siting is the ideal physical location for a water well to be drilled.  For a water well to provide safe quality water for human use, then well siting is very important. The location of the well must be carefully considered before any drilling can occur.  Our technicians at Accurate Drilling will tour your property with you to help determine the well siting for your well.

Minimum Distance From Contamination

It is of the utmost importance to create as much distance between the water well and any above-ground contamination.  Depending on what the potential source of the above-ground contamination is, the minimum distance might be anywhere between 50 feet to 250 feet.

Known Sources of Above Ground Contamination

The most common sources of above-ground contamination and the recommended distance between them and any water well is as follows:

Septic Tanks

Firstly, septic tanks are one of the most common sources of above ground contamination. They are designed to hold human waste and as such is full of harmful bacteria and pathogens. The minimum recommended distance that should be between a water well and a septic tank is 50 feet.

Livestock Fields

Livestock fields are fields where livestock graze. As such, these fields are full of livestock waste that is full of bacteria and pathogens.  The minimum recommended distance that should be between a water well and a livestock field is 50 feet.

Petroleum Tanks

Petroleum tanks are tanks that hold petrol, gas, or propane, which run machines or provide energy. Certainly, these chemicals are very harmful to humans if they consume them.  The minimum recommended distance between a petroleum tank and a water well is 100 feet.

Manure or Fertilizer Storage

Manure or fertilizer storage are areas designed to hold things like animal waste or, for example, special soil that has chemicals that are both designed to help with crop or plant growth. Although the bacteria or chemicals in manure or fertilizer can assist with crop growth, it can be dangerous for human consumption.  To avoid contaminating the water supply, the minimum recommended distance from any such storage and a well is 100 feet.

Manure Stacks

Similarly, manure stacks are stacks of animal waste that farmers keep out in the open. They use them as fertilizer for crop or plant growth. Due to the bacteria found in manure and the fact that it is out in the open, the minimum distance between the manure stack and water well should be 250 feet to avoid any contamination.

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In conclusion, if you are concerned about above-ground contamination, please give us a call at Accurate Drilling and we will send a technician to survey your land and advise you on how best to mitigate any contamination.