Many people choose to live in Florida due to its low cost of living and year-round weather.  Another attraction is that many people like the fact that they can purchase a home with a yard and also have a private water well system installed to avoid paying for municipal services.  One drawback, however, of owning land, whether it is a private lawn, commercial recreation, or agricultural is the need to and the costs associated with irrigating the land. In this article, we will discuss irrigation wells that allow people to irrigate their lands while at the same time-saving money on municipal costs.

What are Irrigation Wells?

An irrigation well is a water well that helps with irrigating the land. Irrigation wells may connect to or use water from an existing well.

What is the Difference Between a Private Water Well and an Irrigation Well?

The difference between a private water well and an irrigation well is where the plumbing goes.  With a private water well, the plumbing connects to a home or building to provide water for consumption. As a result, contractors usually install filters to clean the water and make it taste better.

An irrigation well, however, connects to a plumbing system that brings water to sprinklers or outside faucets. Since the water is not for human or domestic animal consumption, the water does not go through a filter.

What Are The Benefits of an Irrigation Well?

The benefits of irrigation wells are similar to the benefits of private water well.  Some expected benefits of irrigation wells are as follows:

Save Money

Since the water will not be coming from a municipal source, there will be no monthly costs associated with irrigation. For agricultural or recreational enterprises, where they need consistent heavy irrigation, the cost savings are very beneficial.

Avoid Drought Restrictions

During drought conditions where local governments may limit the use of municipal water, irrigation wells provide another source of water to keep land properly irrigated.

Chemical Free

Since municipal water is required to be treated, the water may have chemical remnants in it. Although the level of the chemical is perfectly safe for human consumption, some prefer to have water chemical-free, especially is used to grow fruits and vegetables.  Irrigation well allows for this option.

Added Value

In many areas, irrigation wells are additional value for the property.

Are There Different Requirements to Installing an Irrigation Well?

The requirements needed to install an irrigation well would be the same requirements when installing a private water well.  The well drilling team would utilize the same criteria it would if installing a water well for home use.  As stated earlier, the major difference is where the plumbing would be connected to and whether a filtration system would need to be installed.

In Conclusion

If you want to have an irrigation well on your property, contact Accurate Drilling Solutions. We will send our team of trained technicians to give you an estimate.