Florida is a great state if you want to have a private water well on your property. Private water wells can save you money that would otherwise go to paying for municipal water. There are, however, a few things you should know before hiring any well-driller. What you do not know may end up costing thousands of dollars later. In this article, learn all about hiring a well driller that best suits your needs.

Licensed and Insured

In Florida, any well-driller must be licensed and insured.  Not only is it illegal for you, the homeowner, to hire any company that is not licensed and insured, but hiring a licensed and insured well-driller will help you avoid liability if the worker(s) get injured on your property.  It is important, however, that you do not just take the word of the company that they are licensed and insured.  Make sure you ask for documentation and verify that the license number is specific to the company and the insurance policy is taken out to cover the company.


With the predominance of social media review sites such as Yelp, it is easy to find reviews on companies.  Unfortunately, those review sites may contain fake reviews on the company.  The best way to verify a company’s reputation is to ask for references from previous clients.  Another thing to take into consideration is how long the company has been in business.  A company like Accurate Drilling Solutions that has been in business for decades is doing something right if they can remain in business for an extended period.


Drilling and installing a well is not only a huge endeavor but it can also be expensive.  On the other hand, there is a truism to the saying, “you get what you pay for”.  You should invite multiple well-drillers onto your property to give an estimate of costs.  Do not be afraid to inquire whether they will match the estimates of a competitor for similar services.

What Does The Cost Include

As stated above, cheaper is not always better.  A company whose estimate turns out to be a little more expensive might include services and features that a competitor’s cheaper estimate does not include.  When you price out all the services and features, however, you might realize that the contract you are paying more for is cheaper when you do a side-by-side analysis of everything included versus not included.

Do They Understand Your Family’s Water Usage?

A reputable well-driller will take the time to understand and know the water usage needs of your family.  For example, if a drilling company tries to sell you a well without asking questions about family size, type of animals, or pets owned by the family, whether a business such as a launderer is running out of the house then they might be selling you a well that might be inadequate for your needs.

Are They Familiar With The Water Table Of Your Property?

An experienced well driller should be familiar with the historical water table in which your property sits.  This is important because there might not be enough water to drill into to service all your water needs.

Location Of The Well

The location of the well plays an important part in long-term use.  Many factors go into deciding a proper location to drill.  First, there might be government regulations to consider, especially if your property is near or has a wetland on it.  Furthermore, the driller will want to make sure that the well is not at risk from other possible sources of contamination.

Drilling Process

The well-driller should be able to explain to you at what time they can expect the crew to arrive at the job site, how long it should take, and what type of equipment will be used.  Furthermore, they should be able to confirm the size of the well hole, the type of casing that will be used, and the type and brand of pump recommended for the well.

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You will find that Accurate Drilling Solutions ticks off every part of this list and more.  We will go out of our way to understand your needs and provide you with the highest standards of professionalism.  It is these high standards that have been the reason why we have been so successful for decades.