There are many different types of sprinkler heads for your irrigation system. Of course, there are the types that stream or turn. But, do you really know what sprinkler head is right for you? Let’s take the research out of the choice. Today, we’ll be looking at three common sprinkler heads and how they are used.

Have you ever drove by a home and watched a sprinkler watering the driveway more than the lawn? What about the oh so funny sprinklers that water the sidewalk as people walk by? When you look at it with a sense of humor, it doesn’t seem so bad. But, these common mistakes could be fixed by altering the sprinkler head. After, you definitely don’t want to be watering something that shouldn’t be watered like your house. Ready to learn about sprinkler heads? Let’s break it down.

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What Exactly Is The Sprinkler Head?

Great question! Besides, we could explain sprinkler heads all day, but it won’t help if you don’t know where the parts are. Sprinkler heads are most notably the actual spray nozzles that make up your irrigation system. They can some in different shapes and sizes. Placement may also change with your landscape. For instance, you may find different sprinkler heads around your trees or garden beds. Most likely, your installation technician will have may the best choice for you. Still, extra information about sprinkler heads couldn’t hurt.

Rotary Sprinklers

The type a sprinkler head that you use for your lawn may be determined by the PSI of your water system. Rotary sprinklers may need 30 PSI or above to provide sufficient watering service. These powerful sprinklers travel in a circular motion delivering water between a 15 to 30-foot radius. This nozzle is path perfect for a medium sized yard. It provides broad, even coverage, without a great amount of runoff.

Spray Heads

Spray heads are sprinkler heads that can be individually customized to the area of your lawn. Essentially, these are your misting heads which looks gentle and elegant. However, on a windy day, that mist is going to be carried away. Spray heads are stationary. Meaning, they point in one direction only and do not move on their own. The benefit of a stationary head is that a mechanical failure is less likely to happen.

Bubbler Heads

A bubbler head is a sprinkler head that you use in specific places. For instance, trees and flower beds often have this type of sprinkler head. Unlike other sprinkler heads, the bubbler delivers a lot of water in a single spot, like a puddle, that can quickly be absorbed by the plant. Bubbler heads protect areas that you don’t want watered, such as your home. They are to be used in single areas that need specific care, not to cover large areas.

Several other types of sprinkler heads exist. At Accurate Drilling Solutions, our team of expert technicians can inform you of the necessary components you need for your irrigation system. To schedule installation or services, contact our office today.