Proper testing and maintenance is just part of the battle when it comes to enjoying a long relationship with your property’s well water system. No matter how attached you get to your equipment and the clean, refreshing water it provides, you may still find yourself wishing it was just a little bit more. If your well is old or using out-of-date equipment, this is especially true, but with the help of a trained well specialist, you can ensure you’ll get the upgrades you need. Here are just a few ways we can help with upgrading your well.

Install a Larger Pump

In some cases, your well pump simply can’t meet the needs of your family or property. If your pump is old or damaged, this is an especially appealing option for upgrading your well. A pump nearing the end of its lifespan will need to be replaced eventually, and replacing it with a stronger model can be better for your needs than simply getting the same pump but brand new. Sometimes, a family will move onto a property with a small well pump that won’t be able to meet their needs even with a booster pump, so in these cases, especially a larger pump is in order.

However, not every well is equal. Every well has its own maximum capacity, and if your pump is too strong for your well or tries to fill it over capacity, you’re going to run into problems. Be sure to talk to an expert before springing on a pump that’s too big for your capacity.

Install a Booster Pump

Rather than simply sizing up, you could also choose upgrading the existing pump in your well with a booster pump. There are many, many problems that can cause poor flow, and if you notice a poor sense of pressure or flow in your water, a booster may solve the problem after you’ve determined there isn’t another cause of low flow.

Booster pumps, also called constant flow pumps, help your main pump reach a consistent level of pressure. This is especially handy if you have problems such as low water pressure on the upper floors of a home.

Get a Larger Pressure Tank

Here’s one that many people sleep on. The larger pump is a more obvious solution to any problems you may be having, but if you’re looking to extend the life of your well pump, consider a larger pressure tank. Talk to a professional to see if this addition could help you with your specific needs, as a larger pressure tank will allow you to use your plumbing more while running your pump less.

Install Water Treatment Systems

Again – Not all wells are created equal, and neither are all aquifers. Some areas have better tasting, cleaner water than others, and some could introduce sediment into the water supply. However, if you do find sediment in your water, you should be sure to inspect your well thoroughly as damage to your well casing can also introduce sediment, as can a poorly running pump.

If it all looks good, it may be time to add a filtration and treatment system to your well water system. These systems remove impurities from the water before it reaches your tap, and there are many varieties.

To find out which kind of filtration system or other upgrades would work best for your well water system, call us and ask about whatever you like. Whether it’s reverse osmosis or a good filter, we can help you improve not only the taste and cleanliness of your water but increase the pressure, value, and longevity of your well with our years of experience at your disposal.