Many homes and businesses meet their water needs through water wells, which need different types of well pumps.  To draw the water to the surface, a rope and bucket are no longer sufficient.  All modern wells need a pump system to draw the water from the aquifer and into a home or building.  Below are the common water well pumps that are used.

Different Type of Well Pumps

Although water wells have been in constant use for thousands of years, the technology to operate a well has changed.  There are many parts of a water well that ensure a home or a business has reliable, clean drinking water. One of those key components is the pump, which is responsible for delivering water from your well to your plumbing.  Although there are many types of water well pumps, there are three basic models:

  1. Shallow Well Pump
  2. Deep Well Pump
  3. Submersible Well Pump

The well pump used will depend on the type and depth of the well.  The professionals at Accurate Drilling will discuss with you which well pump is best suited for your situation.

Shallow Well Pump

A shallow well pump is a pump that is used in wells that reach a depth of 25 feet or less.  A shallow well pump uses the least amount of energy of all the well pumps and due to its location, is relatively easy to maintain and repair.  Shallow well pumps tend to have a very long useful working life compared to the other types of well pumps.

Deep Well Pump

A deep well pump is a pump that is used in wells that have a depth between 25 to 115 feet.  Deep well pumps are jet pumps.  Jet pumps draw water from the well through suction.  While the water is being drawn through suction, a vacuum is created that applies pressure and ensures the water goes through a valve and into your plumbing.

Submersible Well Pump

A submersible well pump is a pump that sits deep inside the well, usually within the waterline.  A submersible well pump is designed for wells that have a depth of more than 115 feet.  In some cases, however, a submersible pump may be used in a well that has a depth of fewer than 115 feet due to elevation issues.  A submersible well pump differs from a shallow well pump and deep well pump in that it pushes water up through the well and into the piping as opposed to pulling or suctioning the water from the well.  Due to its location in the well, submersible well pumps are more difficult to maintain and repair if a problem should arise.