Irrigation systems keep your garden, lawn, and landscaping alive. Trying to pick one that best suits your needs can be confusing though, there are so many options! Many people assume that because they are in a house, that a residential system is their only option. However, there are advantages to commercial irrigation that can make your life easier. Read on to learn what happens when we compare residential vs. commercial irrigation systems.

Residential vs. Commercial Irrigation: Which One Works For Me? 

No matter what systems you are using, the goal of irrigation remains the same. To keep the greenery on your property green, and in Florida, that task has some extra challenges. Remember to watch your water usage and make sure your irrigation system is watering your lawn, not the street.

Residential irrigation systems are designed to be used by single-family homes. These systems are limited in size and scope. Typically, residential sprinklers are turned on and off as the owner sees fit. Many people use residential water systems as a supplement to hand-watering plants or landscaping themselves.

Commercial irrigation systems are designed for a much broader scope. They are commonly used at schools, apartment complexes, businesses, or sports complexes. Oftentimes, commercial systems irrigate properties that get more regular use. Lawns or landscapes that experience heavy traffic need more irrigation. This is especially prominent at schools and sports complexes. Oftentimes, commercial systems are on timers. Homeowners or maintenance personnel adjust or turn the timers off if necessary. However, commercial systems function mostly on their own, with no maintenance interference.

Why Commercial May Be The Better Option

 If you are on a residential property, but the lawn or landscaping components are larger, a commercial system may be a better option for you. Another benefit of a commercial irrigation system is the timer component. If you are someone that is away from your home for extended periods of time, a commercial system will have your back. While it is smart to have someone check in on your system, you can ostensibly just let it run itself.

Rental properties benefit from commercial systems as well. You can simply set the timer and leave it. No need to worry about occupants forgetting to care for your property. On the other hand, it also keeps tenants from complaining about dying plants or grass.

Commercial systems also help regulate how much water is being used, so it helps save your money and the environment. A commercial system makes use of a process called zoning. Zoning divides the property into multiple zones, and the system rotates through watering those various zones. Instead of watering all of your lawn every day, it rotates a bit of it every day.

Zoning also helps control water usage when there is a shortage. Using the zoning abilities and timer, you can comply with water shortage or drought usage while still keeping your lawn fresh.

Ultimately what matters is your budget and your plans. For many people, a commercial irrigation system is not feasible on their property. The debate of residential vs. commercial irrigation systems comes down to what works best for your budget and your home.