The well pump is the heart of the well. It is the part of the well that actually conveys the water from underground up to the home. Issues with the well pump will lead to serious consequences inside the home concerning water supply and quality. Read on to learn about common well pump issues and the problems they may cause.

 Pressure Switch Problems

The pressure switch is the intermediary between the well pump and the house. Issues with the pressure switch can lead to no water at all, or not enough water. At the top of the pressure switch there are four contact points that help measure the water pressure in the home. These points sometimes become burned or putted over time. To remove the damage, a contractor will file down the contact points. The best tools for this project are simple sandpaper or an ignition file. Both of these solutions are under $5 for homeowners. However, due to the delicate nature of the equipment, it is best practice to let a well expert handle the solutions.

Abnormally High Utility Bills

As the holidays come up, everyone is looking to keep their spending in check in order to afford presents for everyone. A shockingly high utility bill can be a shock to a budget or wallet. These high bills can stem from a water pump that never stops running. This problem is a key aboveground symptom of issues with the well pump.

Water That Smells Bad

Occasionally, water that smells or tastes bad is simply the result of old pipes. However, for many well owners it is often an issue within the well. It is possible that the pump as struck upon a stream of contaminated water. Oftentimes, the contaminated water is unhealthy in large doses, but it still isn’t great in small doses. It can also show an issue with the filter inside the pump. Either way, contact a well expert for the water and a medical professional for exposure testing.

Water That Doesn’t Look Clear

Oftentimes, cloudy or even muddy water shows an issue with the filter within the well pump, which can indicate a wider issue with a failing pump. Although, the problem can also be due to a shrinking water table, which can’t be fixed by any contractor. However, the issue needs to be addressed quickly. If there is an issue with the filter, the sediment and soil wear the pump down rapidly.

No Water At All

Perhaps the most obvious symptom of an issue with the well pump is a complete lack of water in the house. Obviously this situation is frustrating for homeowners, so it nearly always falls under emergency services.

Many times, the problem stems from overuse of the existing water table. The problem most often arises in the warm months, especially late summer in Florida. If the problem is new or rare, homeowners can try simply reducing consumption. However, if the problem is consistent, it will require a professional. A well expert simply lowers the well pump deeper down so that it can access more water.