Is Lawn Irrigation Worth It?

If you’ve got a lawn, chances are you love your lawn. You tend it, weed it, fertilize it… And you probably water it, too. But, did you know that when you water your garden or lawn by hand, as much as half of that water can be wasted? Runoff, wind, and evaporation can all put that water to waste and show up on your utility bill without doing you a lick of good. Can irrigating your lawn save you money? Are there benefits to installing a residential irrigation system? Keep reading this article to learn about three major areas where residential irrigation systems can benefit you.

Lawn Irrigation Saves Time and Money

If you hand water your lawn or garden, you’re bound to notice that it takes a long time. In truth, it’s only really practical when you have a small garden or an individual plant to water. Hose sprinklers are slightly better at saving time. Though, you still have to position and move the sprinkler and go out and mess with it, and you can guarantee it will be inefficient. Automated irrigation systems save you time and money after installation. With this system, your plants can do just fine even if you forget about them for a week or two – And come on. It happens to the best of us. You’ll also have the benefit of seeing lower utility costs when running them only during periods where waste will be kept to a minimum.

Less Water Waste

Speaking of waste, you probably understand that conserving water will keep your utility bills down. The additional benefit of reducing water waste is that it is far more sustainable. For example, lawn irrigation systems reduce your ecological footprint, assisting with conserving your local water table, and putting a lower strain on municipal systems. In addition, an automated system removes any uncertainty from how much water you use, reducing a significant amount of waste.

Healthier Plants and Lawn

The most obvious and immediate benefit you’ll notice is that your plants will grow larger, faster. When watered with less water over a longer time, plants additionally grow greener and taller than an oversaturated plant. When you overwater your soil, you wash away nutrients before plants can absorb them. Less runoff means more nutritious soil. Additionally, your irrigation system will be installed only where water is needed. This can assist in preventing the spread and growth of weeds.

Call Us to Learn More

If you are interested in installing a home irrigation system, you’re bound to have questions. With all the benefits, you should still know where to install them. In addition, you’d likely desire to ensure the installation is carried out professionally, which will save you money on potential damages or waste in materials. You’ll want to get many things right when you install your home irrigation system. We have the know-how to make it happen. So give us a call today, you too can begin to reap the benefits of an automated home irrigation system.