Homes and businesses looking to provide irrigation for their lawns can meet many different irrigation challenges in today’s world. From rising landscapes to hidden pipes underground, those planning irrigation lines on a property must be aware of these potential dangers. Today, we are looking at those irrigation challenges.

When you drive past home or business you may see their sprinklers on. It’s easy to think that putting the sprinklers in someone’s yard was an easy task. However, technicians performing the job know that there are many irrigation challenges to compete with. Technicians need to know where other lines are underground. Additionally, technicians must know how the landscape impedes the system. But, what other worries are there? Let’s take a look.

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The Irrigation Process

Before we get to irrigation challenges, it is important to understand the general irrigation process. Standard installation of lawn irrigation includes planning, digging, installing and testing. Before anything goes in the ground a survey is done of both the landscape and lines that are buried in your yard. This information is important to the layout of your irrigation system. If your initial layout needs to be altered, technicians will inform you. Digging the lines for your irrigation system comes next. Then, piping or tubing is laid in the ground and connected to a water source. When everything is connected properly the system is tested for leaks and performance. At each installation, Accurate Drilling Solutions ensures the performance of the entire system.

Possible Irrigation Challenges

In this article, we’ll focus on only three possible irrigation challenges. However, there are many other challenges that you may have with your system even after installation. Regular maintenance and repair can help to alleviate these possible headaches. Oftentimes, technicians fix issues with simple solutions. Now, let’s countdown our top three.

  1. Laws And Regulations

Certain counties require permits for irrigation system installation. Likewise, there may also be watering rules or regulations. As part of your installation service, your technician should understand the laws and regulations regarding watering systems. For instance, the state of Florida requires rain sensors on irrigation systems. The reason for this is because rain sensors can turn off your irrigation system if there was sufficient rainfall.

  1. Buried Pipes

We have talked about this before, and honestly, it is not a huge issue. That is because most services that bury lines or piping in the ground are required to put them several feet deep. However, there are instances where an irrigation system impeded on exiting line work. If work was permitted and recorded, these lines are visible on county paperwork. This informs the irrigation technician prior to digging.

  1. Backflow Prevention

This device can prevent future irrigation challenges. Some counties require homeowners by law to use a backflow prevention devices. Backflow prevention devices prevent contaminated water from your irrigation system from leeching back into your drinking water. Technicians install the device alongside the main system, and maintenance it on a regular basis.

Irrigation challenges can come at any time. Other hazards can include the weather, landscape damage, sprinkler head damage, and wiring issues. In order to prevent some of these issues, regular maintenance should be performed on your system. Accurate Drilling Solutions can provide these services and more. Contact us today for more information.