With 1,250, Florida is the gold capital of the United States.  Given the climate in the State of Florida, golf is a sport that can be enjoyed year-round. Many people pay a premium for houses that are adjacent to a golf course, just for the scenic views. Golf courses have a great aesthetic value, but those green manicured lawns do not occur by happenstance.  A lot of maintenance goes into ensuring those greens stay in pristine-like conditions. In this article, we will discuss the basics of maintaining the water needs of a commercial golf course.

Grass is Key

The grass is a key component of the golf course.  The type of grass golf courses use can dramatically impact the way the you play the game. Most golf courses have Bermuda grass for the greens and Kentucky bluegrass for the rough. The problem is, these types of grasses have different needs and are often not compatible with each other. For example, Bermuda grass requires a lot of maintenance and thrives in warm weather. However, Kentucky bluegrass is susceptible to extreme heat. Commercial golf courses have to weigh the impact grass has on the game with aesthetic value and the costs associated with maintaining the species of grass.

Incorporate Nature

The advantage of a golf course, if done properly, it can serve as a community green space and provide retention ponds.  By incorporating natural ponds, lakes, wetlands, etc. into the design of the golf course, the course will have a natural drainage for water runoff. Additionally, the courses recycle natural water elements to irrigate the greens of the golf course. By planting native vegetation, the golf course can ensure that the green will remain resistant to extreme changes in climate such as a drought or extreme rain.

The Importance of Proper Irrigation Systems

An irrigation system designed and installed for a golf course is not the same as a sprinkler system used by a private home.  The sprinkler system for a golf course needs to be designed in a way where all the green grass is evenly irrigated.  At the same time, the designers of the sprinkler system will also want to ensure that the sprinkler heads are not in any location which may interfere with the game of golf.  Furthermore, since golf courses are known for their aesthetic appearances, the pipes and equipment for the sprinkler system need to be hidden or blended into the environment.

The Importance of Installing a Commercial Well

Even with all the water maintenance and conservation methods used, golf courses still need a lot of water usage.  Using municipal water to meet the needs of a golf course may be cost-prohibitive.   That is why many golf courses choose to have commercial water well installed for irrigation purposes.  Just like a residential well, a professional driller will need to determine the best location to drill for and install a well. It is important the well not interfere with the aesthetic or playability of the course. However, at the same time they must ensure that there is enough water to meet the needs of the course.  The professionals at Accurate Drilling will work hand-in-hand with the architects of the golf course to install a well that will meet the courses needs and design and install a sprinkler system that will be effective in keeping the greenery green.