Artesian wells are used all over Florida. These wells are even advertising to be better for your home. But, what are artesian wells? Is there actually a difference in water quality versus other well systems? In this article, we’ll be focusing on artesian wells and answering these questions.

Artesian wells may sound fancy. After all, anything labeled “artesian” must be higher quality, right? What if it isn’t? What is an artesian well is still the same ground water from the Florida aquifer as other well systems? In, essence it is. While there are surely mineral and material differences, artesian wells deliver your aquifer water the same. Well, almost. Let’s just say that artesian wells are under a lot of pressure.

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Artesian Well Anatomy

Ready for an anatomy lesson? On artesian wells. In Florida, groundwater wells drill into the Florida aquifer. The aquifer is like an unground river that is fed water constantly through rain, runoff, or entry points. You may notice where the aquifer meets the surface water through natural springs. To drill down through the ground to the aquifer, you must travel through layers of sediment, rock, limestone, shale, clay or more. Artesian wells drill down into a pocket of the groundwater in which these layers are poorly packed. This creates a constant state of compression. After the well meets this pocket, the compression forces pressurized water up to the surface and straight to your well system.

Who Can Have An Artesian Well?

While most of Florida sits on the water table, not everyone can drill for artesian wells. These wells are particularly location specific. The regulations regarding drilling these wells differs with each county in the state. Scientific experts monitor groundwater closely because it is an extremely precious resource. Groups all over the states have dedicated their services to recording groundwater taps. This field of study is a sort of environmental protection to understand the effects certain events have on our natural resources. For instance, sinkholes can be a result of groundwater depletion from drought or over-drilled areas of the aquifer. It causes a void in the cave structure too weak to handle the weight above it, so it collapses. To avoid this, the well options open to your home are dependent on its location on the aquifer.

Is Water From An Artesian Well Better?

Unfortunately, not really. Groundwater composition included minerals, dissolve substances and solids that are present no matter what well you use. Experts call water with impurities, “hard water”. It is most likely present in private well systems. To avoid hard water, companies offer specialty system that remove these impurities prior to entering your home. A water test can tell you what is present in your ground water. Afterwards, an expert can inform you on water purification systems, filters or softeners best suited for your needs.

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