Can You Have an Irrigation System with a Well

One of the most common questions we get from homeowners who want a new well is about sprinklers. There is a reputation among homeowners that wells “run out” of water at the drop of a hat. While it is true that you can lose pressure if your well is low, the truth might surprise you. Home sprinkler – Or home irrigation – Systems can work perfectly fine with a well! In today’s article, we’d like to take a look at the best way to operate an irrigation system with a well. You likely have some questions – For example, what if your well goes dry? What if the sprinklers can’t turn on? We’ll answer all of these questions in this article and more.

The Advantage of Technology

One of the best things you can do for your lawn is install a smart irrigation system. The added technology means you don’t waste any water. By installing an irrigation system, you will usually save water compared to sprinklers or hoses. Not only that, there are ways to improve the pressure in your water well system.

The Basics of Irrigation Systems

Well water does work differently from city water. City water is a tight, closed system with relatively constant pressure throughout. Well water, meanwhile, pulls water up from the ground and distributes it with a pressure tank. The pressure you get depends on your pump, usage, and the size of your pressure tank. Sometimes, homeowners install a separate well and pump for their irrigation system. This allows the home to use water without changes in pressure while the irrigation system runs.

Smart Irrigation Systems Save Water

Most homeowners use a hose and attachments or sprinklers to irrigate their property. Unfortunately, this winds up wasting a great deal of water. Most of the water you use pools and runs, leading to runoff. Rather than watering your property, you wind up watering the street and gutters. Even worse, the distribution isn’t even. This can lead to pooling and root damage.

Smart irrigation systems only water when and where it’s needed. Installation happens after identifying the places on your property that need the most water. These systems often feature remote controls that can interface with weather information. This means that they don’t turn on when there’s rain coming or if the ground is still wet. What’s more, you can often customize them to meet your specific needs.

Are Irrigation Systems Worth It?

Yes, absolutely. Even if you have an irrigation system connected to your main well used by the house, you have options. Smart irrigation systems can turn off when the pressure is below a certain threshold, or you could upgrade to a stronger pump or larger pressure tank. The most economical answer is often to dig a second well system for irrigation. If you’re interested in any of these solutions to keep your lawn watered, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Accurate Drilling will help you find the best irrigation solution for your property. We can also help you determine the best upgrades for your existing well system. You can visit our website to learn more about water well systems or give us a call to get started. You’ll be glad you did.