We get used to the sounds around us so easily. From the hum of our refrigerators to the sound of the highway, people can get used to anything. So when your pump starts making a funny noise, you’re bound to notice eventually. There are a number of causes. Some of these noises can be from ordinary operations. However, a change in the regular sound can indicate one of many possible problems presenting themselves in your well. This article will cover noises that could indicate regular operation, trouble, or even danger. There are several kinds of noises you may hear.

Click Before Operation

If you notice a clicking or flicking sound just before your pump begins to operate, this is likely the electrical pressure switch engaging your pump. This is especially obvious to people who have recently installed a new pump. With new pumps, homeowners may not be used to the sounds of proper operation.

However, if your pump is rapidly clicking on and off, your pump is likely short-cycling. This is frequently caused by water-logged pressure tanks and requires inspection.

Humming Pressure Switch

The pressure switch itself can make noises, and aside from the click of engagement, these usually aren’t great. If the switch itself is humming, the pressure switch may be at risk of the controls being fried. This problem originates with a stuck relay. However, humming in the pipes and water pump during operation can be totally normal.

Banging During Engagement

If the pump seems to bang or hammer when the pump turns on or off, this is probably due to hydrostatic shock in your pipes, creating a plumbing noise called water hammer. You can suppress or completely fix your pump making noise without having to service your pump.

Bangs, Clunks, and Thuds

If you hear these noises around the pressure tank, piping, or control switches, you may be due to a pump relay switch at or near the point of failure. These are used on submersible pumps and may be caused by a check valve failure or loose piping that moves when water pressure is changed. This will likely require repairs.

Grinding During Operation

A rattling, rapidly thumping, or horrible grinding sound, while your pump is running can be the result of debris inside the impeller assembly, which may be due to damage in the impeller itself. This can cause an unpleasant sound that persists throughout the running of your pump.

Rattling or Squealing

Losing prime means that your water level is too low, and if your pump seems to be rattling as it operates, it has likely lost prime. Too much water may have been pulled from the system, and you’ll want to shut off your pump to avoid damage. If your pump continues to run dry, you risk destroying your pump through overheating. You know this is the source of your noise when the loud rattling changes back to a quiet, operational hum and then rattles again as the water level in your well changes.

In Conclusion

In general, for any change in the sound of the operation of your well, you’ll want to consider having your equipment serviced. This is especially true in the case of rattles, bangs, and grinding sounds. You should never wrap your pipes or noisy equipment in insulation. Doing this can cause a serious problem to go unnoticed and also contribute to molding issues.