Why is there Sand in My Well?

There are few things more alarming than sudden loud noises. If you’ve ever turned on your shower and had air in the line or sediment blast out, you know how alarming it can be. A shower is a peaceful time in a hectic world for most people. The last thing you want is a shower head sprinkling sand and rocks everywhere. But, it’s not just showers. Have you ever gone to do the dishes and noticed grains of silt pouring over your fine china?

Then you’ve got sediment in your line.

It’s never good to see sand or gritty particles in your water. But, it’s a problem, and it’s one this article will help you solve.

Why is Sand in My Water a Big Deal?

Aside from potentially bringing bacteria into your water and harming its drinkability, grit is a major concern. It can cause damage to the well pump, your fixtures and appliances, and even your water treatment system. Of course, it goes without saying that it isn’t supposed to be there.

To ensure the sand is coming from your well, run directly from the well into a clean white bucket. If you see debris in the water, you know the problem is the well itself. However, you should be aware that what looks like sand might be something else. It could be soil, debris from a damaged pump, or sediment. If the water smells bad, you’ll need to have it tested.

Why is There Sand in My Well?

There are a few common reasons for this problem. These are a submersible pump set too low, using a pump too large for your well, and a damaged well screen.

Low Well Pump

Setting your pump too low is a fairly common issue. This is because submersible pumps are the most common type. Most well pumps sit at least 10 feet away from the bottom of the well. If sand falls into your well, it will get closer to the bottom as the bottom rises. This is a common problem in old wells.

Oversized Well Pump

The other mistake is buying a well pump that’s too big for your well. A well only needs so much power from its pump to bring water to your home. If you use one that’s too powerful, it can pull up sand along with water.

Damaged Well Screen

Wells may also suffer damage to their well screens. A well screen is a groove in the well casing that lets water in but keeps debris out. Over time, the screen can wear down with the movement of water and corrosion of materials. When this happens, it’s possible for sand to enter your well.

How to Remove Sand from a Well

There is no one size fits all approach here. The first step is figuring out why sand is in your well in the first place. Without that step, nothing can be done. You may need a new well casing or a new pump. On the other hand, you may only need a repair job to the screen… Or new equipment. It’s not a job you can tackle alone.

That’s why it’s important to give us a call as soon as you notice a problem in your well – Especially a problem this large. Accurate Drilling Solutions has what it takes to fix any problem in your well. You can learn more about us on our website. Don’t wait to fix this issue. Treat yourself, your well, and your family right. Call us today.