Why is My Well Water Sputtering

Over 43 million people get water from a private home well water system. That’s over 15% of everybody living in the USA. If you’re one of them, congratulations! You have access to some of the best water our country can provide. But chances are you also know this comes at the cost of responsible maintenance and troubleshooting. Eventually, like owning a vehicle, your well system will need a little work.

The first sign of trouble is usually at the kitchen sink. So if you’ve turned on your faucet and heard a hissing, spitting, and sputtering, this is the article for you.

Why is My Tap Sputtering?

Suppose your tap starts rattling, sputtering, or spitting water. That’s never a good sign. Often it will do this briefly and then run clear again. Others will keep blasting out in bursts. No matter what it looks like, irregularity is never something to take lying down. The source of this sputtering is air in your well water lines. Maybe you’ve recently done plumbing work, and it’s sorting itself out. If you’ve recently replaced or moved pipes, keep an eye on them – See if the problem resolves itself.

Sometimes after doing plumbing work or work on the system, mineral buildup will collect in your taps. This could be in your shower head or the mesh head on your faucet. Unscrew these and check for debris; see if that helps anything.

The problem is often due to an actual malfunction somewhere in the system. The two most common problems are a break or a pump malfunction. The break usually occurs somewhere in the tube leading up from your pump. A pump malfunction can occur that lets air into your system. Normally your pump won’t let in any air.

Bad News and Good News

The bad news is that whichever of these problems come up, you won’t be able to fix either yourself. That is, not without some seriously heavy equipment and industry certification. When your water starts sputtering and doesn’t stop, it’s time to call in an expert. On your own, it can be impossible to tell exactly what the problem is. Even if you knew, you, unfortunately, can’t fix it on your own.

Worse, either of these causes could lead to rapid contamination of your well. The risk increases the longer you ignore the problem. Sand, bacteria, or worse, could find their way into your water.

The good news is that these – And most – Well problems are fairly straightforward to fix with the right help. Once the pump is removed, a professional can easily identify and start fixing the problem. This is true for cloudy water, smelly water, or high electric bills related to your well water.

Let Accurate Drilling Solutions Help

At Accurate Drilling Solutions, we’re used to solving problems like this. Our certified technicians know how to do this job quick and easy, and we do thorough work. Inspection of the well casing itself is essential, but challenging for some companies. We have video borehole inspection equipment. You can learn more about video borehole inspections and their advantages on our website.

The long and short of it is if your faucet is sputtering, there’s a problem. Accurate Drilling Solutions will find it and fix it.