Why High-Quality Well Material is Important

When you’re building your well, you want it to last. You’re creating a water supply for your home that should serve you for years and years. When you hire a professional, you’re trusting them to help it do just that. However, it would be best if you were a little savvy when going about it. Ask what well material your contractor is going to use when building your well. They are not created equal, and you can’t use “just anything” when building your well.

Quality of Well Material

It’s not uncommon to get repair calls to work on equipment and wells put in place by other companies or contractors. It happens in a lot of contractor businesses. However, sometimes you encounter things that make you scratch your head. There are cutting corners, and then there’s using materials that were never meant to construct wells. It’s common for foreign suppliers to try to sell lower grade material in greater quantities for a lower cost. These sales come with no warranty, no way to verify quality, and no recourse if it goes wrong. A company selling a submersible pump at a reduced rate is suspect. You can’t be sure if the material will degrade in a year or a week or work with confidence that it won’t corrode into a solid block. Using cheap, unverifiable things can make an ordinary repair job far more complicated later.

When you’re getting quotes from water well drilling companies, you must ask them where they source materials. You want a well drilling company that uses materials that can be replaced or repaired easily. If the hardware can’t be swapped out when needed, consider this a red flag. If the company you’re working with sources from overseas and cuts corners, your well may not last.

Common Well Repair Costs

Repairs can be expensive. Your well is an investment, so you should be sure it’s an investment worth making. If you use low-grade materials, you’re not going to get a good return on that investment. But how much does it cost to fix a well? It depends on the work. This list should help you understand what to expect for some common repairs, depending on the situation. Note this isn’t a quote for us; we’re just pulling averages.

Pump Replacement – $350-$1500
Deep Well Jet Pump – $400-$800
Pitless Adapter – $200-$500
Control Box – $200-$500
Pressure Gauge – $100-175

Remember – These are the typical prices. If you wind up with a low-grade item, be careful what you do with it or take your business elsewhere. Low-quality materials can cause damage to other components in your well, leading to even higher costs than what we’ve listed here.

The Conclusion

You should know that you’re getting high-quality materials. Don’t just assume that you are, though – Ask where the material is sourced from. Avoiding constant repairs is the best way to make your well work for you, not the other way around. By using equipment built to last, your well will serve you for all those years you were planning on and then some. Accurate Drilling would be happy to help you track down the highest quality well equipment we can. Call us today.