Are you considering drilling a well? Does that new dream home you’re looking at have a well? Is that a perk or a negative? 13% of all Americans (or around 42 million people) have well water. Take it from us, the benefits of having a well far outweigh any possible negatives. While having a well does come with more responsibility, it also comes with a host of benefits that will significantly improve the quality of your life. This week, we are listing our top three reasons that you should get a well.

Financial Benefits

Did you know that most shallow well systems will pay for themselves in just one year when you take municipal water bills into account? After that, any money that you would have been sending the city water company will stay at home with you, kept safe with the rest of your savings. The water you get with your pump system is free – it comes from the aquifer and winds up in your home without any fees or metering. This is one of the top reasons why people choose to get a well on their property.

For this reason and the many more to come, having a well on your property will almost universally increase that property’s value, allowing you to up your asking price by laying out the many benefits that a well will afford any potential buyers. No rising costs, no monthly bills, no hidden service charges – All you can expect to pay is maintenance, and even a lifetime of that is far cheaper than a lifetime of water bills. Just imagine all the showers!

Health Benefits

Ask anyone who’s had well water out of a good well before: It just tastes better. This is because it lacks some of the harsh industrial chemicals put into public water to meet government health and safety standards, and some of these chemicals can be harsh. Fluoride, chlorine, and other harsh chemicals go into public water, and even this doesn’t remove all of the viral and bacterial components in city water. Meanwhile, the aquifer naturally filters well water, and you can do all the additional filtration you want. As long as you test your water annually, you can rest easy, knowing that your water is safe and reliable.

Added Freedoms

Have you ever wanted to take a shower in the city only to find the pipes rattling – Or worse, absolutely silent? If you’re lucky enough to be on good terms with your neighbors, you might learn of some unscheduled maintenance project or broken water main down the road. With a well, your source of water is reliable. It’s in your hands, and it asks very little of you – You always know when maintenance is coming, when you can and can’t use your water, and you know it’ll be there tomorrow. On the other hand, city water travels miles to reach your home, and something your neighbors do can affect your water supply. With a well, your water supply truly is yours.

In Conclusion

Beyond these benefits, your well will also be environmentally friendly in a practical way. With no chemicals entering the soil and disturbing the natural processes of your land, neighboring plants and animals are kept safe from potentially dangerous substances. The only downside of a well comes from needing a basic level of awareness about how it operates and when it may require maintenance. Still, a can-do attitude and access to trained professionals are all you need to navigate that potentiality. At Accurate Drilling, we have everything you need to ensure you enjoy all these benefits and more.