What to Know When Hiring a Pump Contractor

Your well pump system is vital to the success and health of your household. You should know that well pumps should be serviced between three to five years or between eight and ten years, keeping in mind the overall quality of your well pump equipment. With this on top of annual (at least) water quality testing, you want to make sure you’re getting the right company for you. Every state’s water table situation and environmental profile are different, which can affect how wells are serviced. You want to make sure you have the right questions ready to ask a pump contractor so that you know you’re getting the service you need.

The Questions to Ask

A few of these questions below are essential when choosing the right contractor for the job. They are not the absolute standard, but the bare minimum that you should consider before choosing any contractor.

How Are You Certified?

Before moving ahead with a company, you need to be aware of their certifications. Professional certifications are a way for you to know that a well water contractor has the skills and expert knowledge needed to give your well the proper and correct care it needs. By ensuring your contractor has state or local certifications, they are familiar with the local environment and are prepared for the potential pitfalls of working with Florida’s unique conditions. Someone who isn’t used to the area could run into problems very quickly.

Are You Properly Insured?

There are a lot of types of insurance out there. First, you want to make sure that your well water contractor has the correct insurance for the job. If they aren’t insured, you run the risk of being held liable for any injuries they might incur. A good rule of thumb is that they should, at the bare minimum, have general liability and worker’s compensation insurance. If you want to be an extra savvy homeowner, you can even call the insurance company to ensure their current policy.

What is the Cost and Timeline?

Now we’re getting into the meat and potatoes of the information that’ll affect your day-to-day. These also serve to open the door for other important questions. If it takes longer to fix your system than originally stated, for example, it might cost more. You’ll want to know if this is the case with your contractor. By asking these questions upfront, you will prevent tensions between you and your contractor and avoid surprise costs.

Do You Have Any Customer Testimonials?

Always check reviews and ask for any customer feedback they’ve received. You can also research them online. Customer reviews can sometimes be misleading but are often very informative and can give insight into common patterns with contractors. You can learn about your contractor’s attitude, professional behavior, work quality, credibility – And more. Learn everything you can before you commit!

In Closing

Contact us if you have any questions about how to hire a well water specialist to help you with your well. Whether it’s drilling, installing, or maintenance, we’re a local company that has years of experience, and we’re bound to have the answers and service you’re looking for.