Well Water Conservation

Good well owners understand the importance of water conservation. If they notice their wells are leaking, they should get it fixed right away to prevent wasting clean resources and damaging whatever is around them (like pipes or wood) as well as preventing sinkholes from forming.

We have several guides regarding well pump maintenance because the moment there is something amiss, no matter how small, it can create big issues with leaking water, system failure, and unnecessary expenditure. Keeping up with your regular maintenance ensures no extra water will be lost to small issues in your system.

Fix Problems When You Find Them

If your well seems to be wasting water, get it looked at immediately. Often the culprit is a running pump, which can lead to multiple problems in other parts of your system, such as leaks or low pressure.

Not only is this a problem for your home’s structure, but it can lead to higher electric bills as well. A pump draws water from your own supply, keeping you from paying a water bill, but draining excessive amounts of electricity that could be used elsewhere in the house. Although the massive amount of water that these systems use may seem like a waste, they do have their benefits. The best way to save money during hot summer months is by calling in an emergency plumber straight away so that he or she can determine why your system isn’t working properly and fix it before you start losing lots of water—and money!

Utilize Natural Resources

We’ve all been guilty of not checking the weather before watering our plants or running sprinklers, but it’s important to know how much water you’re using and whether there are clouds in the sky. That way, you can avoid wasting water by overwatering your lawn and garden.

Other options include applying a rain barrel, which collects and stores water for later use. It’s often connected to a hose, which allows you to easily re-use the collected rainwater when washing your car or watering plants.

Any amount of water you’ve preserved in this manner can be used to give your well a much-needed break.

Be Thoughtful

The number one, best way to save water is simply by thinking about it. Making a difference in your consumption can be as simple as scraping food off your plate instead of rinsing it before putting it into the dishwasher.

The Southwest Florida Water Management District has compiled a list of water conservation tips. Some recommendations include:

  • Thaw frozen food without water.
  • Only run your dishwasher when it’s full.
  • Don’t leave on unattended sprinklers.

Save On Water with A Well

Forcing yourself to drink less water during the drier months and taking other conservation measures can help keep aquifers healthy and your neighbors’ wells from drying up. Although it may seem like a drag initially, thinking ahead now will save you problems in the long run.

To keep your well running at peak performance, we recommend that you talk with our expert well-pump technicians if you would like to learn more about how water savings can benefit your home.