Well experts design modern wells to last many years with low effort maintenance. Some people will go through their whole life without ever having a problem with their water well. Statistically speaking, however, you will face some sort of problem with your water well system.  Below are the most common warning signs that you are having a problem with your water well system.

Electricity Bill Suddenly Increases

One of the biggest warning signs that people will notice is the one that impacts their pocketbook.  If you notice a sudden increase in your electric bill and all other usages of electricity has remained consistent, then this can be an early indicator of a problem with your well pump.

If your pump becomes blocked, then it will naturally work harder to provide you with your water needs.  The extra workload will manifest itself in a higher electric bill.  A higher electric bill might come from a faulty check valve.  A faulty check valve reduces pressure in the well which will cause the pump to turn on to increase the pressure in the well.  This essentially causes the pump to work more hours than needed thus resulting in an increased electric bill.

The Well Pumps Air

If you turn on your water and you get a burst of air or a combination of air and water, this is an indication of a problem with your well.  This is usually caused when the pipes connecting your well system to the plumbing infrastructure has developed cracks or holes.  These cracks or holes allow air into the system. In a worst-case scenario, it could also indicate that your water table has dropped so low that the well pump can no longer reach the waterline.

Bubbles in the Water

If you notice there are bubbles in your water, then this can be a serious problem that needs to be remedied immediately.  In the best-case scenario, some groundwater has natural bubbles and gases and the bubbles in your water are par for the course.  If, however, you never had bubbles in your water and this has become a new phenomenon, then this might indicative of a build-up of carbon dioxide, methane, hydrogen sulfide, or other types of gases that are harmful and can lead to an underground explosion.  This is a very dangerous situation where the local authorities should be alerted immediately and the well should only be investigated and repaired by trained professionals.

Low Water Pressure

If you suddenly experience low water pressure, this could be indicative of many things.  Low water pressure can be a result of a clog in the pump, a failing water pump, a faulty check valve, and/or a faulty pressure tank to name a few.  This can be repaired and even prevented through routine maintenance by a trained professional.

Change in Water Taste, Water Smell, and/or Water Color

If you notice a sudden change in the quality of taste, smell, and/or color of your water, this can be indicative of a greater problem with the health of your well.  If the problem is sudden and extreme, it most likely means there is a leak somewhere within your water well and that it is becoming contaminated.  You should immediately contact a professional to check your well system to make any necessary repairs.

The Well Pumps Sediment

If your water well starts pumping sediment this might be a sign that your well is silting in and filling with sediment.  This means that your well pump is too low into the well and needs to be raised.  If you have an older well, then it can also mean that your well shaft is collapsing and filling in from the ground surrounding it, which means the well will need to undergo major repairs. Another reason for the well to pump sediment might be as a result of the well screen becoming corroded and no longer filtering out sediment. This might require a replacement well screen.

In Conclusion

If you notice any of these warning signs, you should contact a trained license professional to evaluate the situation and advise with the best course of action.  The technicians at Accurate Drilling will come out to your property, investigate the source of the problem, and give you a detailed report on the best solution.