A majority of Americans do not necessarily consider where exactly their water is coming from. However, some homeowners might be surprised by what they would find if they looked into it. On the other hand, some places in the U.S. have to constantly consider their water supply because they rely on wells. The best option for many homeowners, particularly in Florida, is owning a private water well. Modern wells provide a wide array of benefits to their homeowners. This week, we explore and explain why owning a private water well is so amazing. Read on to determine why a private water well will work for you.

You Don’t Have To Rely On Public Resources

Homeowners with private wells have an increased sense of freedom and independence when they stop relying on the municipal water supply. Relying on city or county treatment plants can be scary. A majority of water plants do not make their full treatment schedule publicly available. However, with a private well, homeowners know exactly where their water is coming from.

Additionally, public resources sometimes fall prey to shutdowns if there is a huge public emergency. (Hurricane season anybody?) However, private wells are not obligated to the same closures and issues as municipal systems during emergencies.

Public treatment facilities add chemicals in order to clean the water. However, the homeowners who use that water do not have direct control over the plant in any way. Homeowners with a private water well get full control over exactly how their water treatment plan. From the pump to your home, every decision is yours.

Higher Quality Water

The municipal systems that are designed to filter and purify water actually end up removing a lot of positive things from the water in the process. Public water treatment plants flush all of the essential nutrients and beneficial minerals out of the water completely.

Additionally, homeowners get to decide the water testing schedule for their well. Regular testing allows homeowners to improve the water quality overtime. Additionally, homeowner directed testing can even help owners determine how to improve the taste of their water. The on-demand testing and improvement ideas are impossible using a municipal system.

Private Water Wells Help Your Wallet

Some homeowners balk at the initial price of installing a private water well. Worrying about cost is totally natural. However, private water wells offer a very high return on investment. For most people, their costs associated with water are actually lower overtime. This is because private water well use does not cost you money every month like the municipal supply does. After installation, well owners really only need to pay for yearly maintenance and water testing. Just think, no more water bills. How much would that save you and your family?