Is My Well Leaking?

For all the peace of mind, a well system can offer, there is plenty that can worry you, too. For example, imagine having a leak somewhere in your system. Many of the pipes and joints are buried underground. A leak could happen somewhere you have no hope of reaching, or even inside your walls. You might first notice a reduction in water pressure, or a pump that’s running too often. Then you might start to worry about damage, repairs… And bills.

At Accurate Drilling Solutions, we know how much damage an undetected leak can cause. That’s why we’ve prepared this article to teach you how to find out if there’s a leak in your well. We’ll also cover what to do about it.

Before We Start

If you have good reason to believe your well is leaking already, or your well has started functioning differently, it’s time to act. Even a small leak can become a massive problem in absolutely no time.

How to Detect a Leak in Your Well

Your well could leak in any number of places. Where the leak is will often determine how you first notice it. If you can see drips, spraying water, or puddles where there shouldn’t be any… It’s a pretty fair bet you’ve sprung a leak somewhere. On the other hand, you might only see a bit of dark dampness on the ground.

Whether you see water or not, your next step is to look at your well pump. If it starts cycling on and off repeatedly, there’s a chance that your well has sprung a leak somewhere. The pump is trying to replace the lost water, which keeps getting lost. If you have a jet pump that loses prime, that’s another good indicator of a leak. Sputtering taps are another sign of leakage in your well. The sputter comes from air in your well system.

You may see a lack of pressure, or even sand in your water. These can all indicate various types of leaks, and these signs demand action.

What to Do If Your Well is Leaking

First thing’s first, determine where the leak is. If it’s past the pressure tank, close it off. Next, shut off your pump and empty the pressure tank. You don’t want your well to continue to pump water somewhere it isn’t supposed to go. Next, it’s time to take a full inventory. Is there any sign of obvious water damage? Is there pooling around the well cap? All of this is important diagnostic work that will save time later.

Sometimes you can get away with tightening a pipe or redoing some poly tape seals. If that’s the case, you’ll still need to test your well water to ensure its safety. For anything you can’t tackle at home, it’s time to call in professionals. The leak you can see may be a sign of a much bigger problem elsewhere. This is why even simple fixes like those we mentioned are a bit of a risk.

Your best bet is to give Accurate Drilling Solutions a call if you suspect a leak anywhere in your well line. We offer various services, from well drilling to repairs and abandonment. You can get a better idea of what we offer on our website. Whatever the problem with your well system, give us a call. We’d be happy to bring water back to you and your family.