Hurricane Season and Well Pumps

The beginning of summer is also the start of hurricane season in Florida. Well-pump owners know that even though we are not directly on the coast, our pumps can still be impacted by storms. Being well-versed in the art of well pump repair, we’ve seen what a hurricane can do to these systems, and that makes us the perfect people to give you the advice you need to know!. Here are our top five tips for preparing your home before hurricane season hits.

If you’re not sure if your well-pump is well-prepared enough for the worst these summer disasters can bring, give us a ring! We will be happy to complete an inspection for you and help you prepare for the coming storms!

1) Clean Around Your Well-Pump System

Flying debris can cause serious damage to anything it strikes. If the well is not properly secured and covered, that debris could harm your system or break off parts of it—like casing, which keeps water from seeping into the ground.

2) Stock Up on Spring Water and Fill Your Tub

Flooding is common in wells during hurricanes, and it’s a good idea to have water for drinking, cooking and bathing. The National Hurricane Survival Initiative recommends stocking up on one gallon of water per person per day.

One tip is to fill your tubs with well water before a storm, and use this water for flushing toilets or taking “bird baths.” Just don’t drink the water, because it’s not safe once it’s been exposed to air for too long.

3) Hold Off on Using Electrical Systems

If your electrical system has been flooded and you turn on the power, it can cause a shock or fire. You will need to have an inspection performed by a qualified electrician or well-pump contractor before turning on your system again.

Even if it looks like there’s no water in your electrical system, the moisture may be hidden inside insulation or other parts of the circuitry, so don’t hit that power button.

4) Do a Water Test

If your system has been flooded, you may need to have it tested for contaminants. A water test kit can be purchased from the Florida Department of Environmental Health, and samples cost between $20-30 each. We also offer well testing if you’d prefer having a professional do all the work for you! 5) Emergency Disinfection

If your well has been contaminated by floodwaters, you must disinfect it before using the water again. It’s best to call in a professional for this job but that isn’t always an option, so at times, you should be prepared to do it yourself.

It is important to remember that emergency disinfection will not remove nonbiological contaminants such as pesticides and heavy metals. Before drinking or cooking with any water, you should test it for these substances.

Call Accurate Drilling After a Hurricane

After a hurricane, many homeowners are faced with concerns about the well-pump taping and whether they should be prepared to take action regarding flood damage. Our team would love nothing more than to educate you on how best prepare your water system for storm season—and help if there’s any flooding!