Florida is a great place to live, which is why more people choose to move to Florida every year. Due to Florida sitting at sea level and given the multiple lakes, rivers, and canals the crisscross the state, Florida is also vulnerable to flooding.  This is especially more concerning during the wet summer months or hurricane season.  In this article, we will discuss what to do if you have a flooded well on your hands.

Protecting Yourself From A Flooded Well

Although it is not always possible to predict if a flood will occur or not, you should be well aware if you live in a flood zone.  If you do live in a flood zone, then you will want to make sure to seal the well cap tightly around the wellhead. Additionally, ensure that the power sources and pressure tanks have proper security and protection. If possible, you should turn off the power source to reduce the possibility of electrical shock currents.

What Are The Threats From A Flooded Well?

There are three major threats that your well poses if floodwater covers it:

  1. Electrical Shock
  2. Contamination
  3. Physical damage to the system

Electrical Shock

Your well connects to a power source that provides electricity, and that power source potentially becomes dangerous.  Since water is a conductor of electricity, the power source can cause the floodwaters to be very dangerous due to the electrical currents.  Even if the power source has been shut off before the flooding, the water might still have electrical currents.  In this situation, rubber rain boots and gloves would not provide adequate protection from becoming electrocuted or receiving an electric shock.


Hopefully, the well-cap is very tight around the wellhead. If not, then floodwaters, which usually carry parasites, bacteria, and sediment may enter your well and contaminate your water source.  Additionally, chemicals from agricultural land or untreated sewage from damaged septic tanks may enter your well system and further contaminate it.

Physical Damage To The System

Physical Damage may occur from floodwaters in many ways.  In fast-moving floods, such as those from storm surges or tsunamis, large pieces of debris such as trees or vehicles may hit your wellhead and cause physical damage to the integrity of your well.  Additionally, if the power source or pressure tanks are not properly secured or protected, they can be dislodged from the system or be hit by other debris that can permanently damage them.

Is The Water Still Safe To Drink?

If your property has been flooded, then you should assume your water is not safe to use.  Even if your private well system was not damaged from the flood, your water source may still be contaminated by one of your neighbors whose private well might have been damaged.

What Should I Do If There Is A Flood?

If your property has suffered a flood, do not assume your private well system is safe.  You should contact a trained licensed professional to come to your property as soon as possible to not only inspect for physical damages to the system but also test the water for quality purposes. Contact Accurate Drilling and we will send a technician to you as soon as possible.