Determining Your Well Drilling Method

Water wells have been in use for thousands of years. Around 8,000 years ago, the first wells were hand dug to supply a safe, clean, reliable water source for the earliest civilizations. Today we use technology for well drilling that powers through the soil more quickly and efficiently than ever before.

Our professionals are highly trained to develop a water well design just for you. We will install a well that meets your water needs from shallow monitoring wells to large diameter deep wells. With state-of-the-art equipment and knowledgeable engineers, we are proud to serve the water needs of residents for generations to come.

But, which well drilling services should you choose? This article can explain more.

Consider Costs and Speed

While shovels are the most cost-effective way to reach water for one-time use, this method requires time and manpower. However, a mechanical drill can reach water faster and more efficiently than hand digging. This can help contractors expand their drilling capabilities even if they are working in remote areas.

When building a home, choosing the right well water drilling equipment is important. Costs can be high, but you must think about many things. When choosing your water well drilling equipment, consider the geology of your region and the long-term costs. This will help you select a system that is less likely to need maintenance for many years to come.

Manually Digging A Well

Manual drilling methods can be used to drill a single well, but are they suitable for your site? For many, the image of a hand-digger in a deep, muddy hole, passing up buckets of earth, is enough to make someone think twice about this manual method for gaining access to groundwater. But hand-digging has its advantages.

Hand-digging is a simple, manual technique for creating boreholes. As with other manual techniques—including sludging and percussion drilling—it requires only simple tools and lots of hard work. However, a significant drawback to manually digging water wells is the time and money it takes to install multiple wells.

Using Mechanical Well Drilling

With mechanical methods, contractors, groups, and homeowners can now reap the rewards of faster, deeper drilling with less labor than manual methods. Mechanical drilling methods use motors, gears, and fuel to power through rock. These techniques can dig faster and more profound than manual methods. As a result, water well rigs can be cost-efficient for companies looking to add water well drilling to their services.

There are several popular methods of drilling. Each has its pros and cons, so consider your needs and the geology of your area of operation before committing to a particular type of drill rig. From Jetting, Mud Rotary, Air Rotary, and more, you can be assured there’s a system capable of servicing your unique needs for both company and home.

When you’re drilling a water well, you have lots of options. The method that works best for you depends on your geological conditions, how much muscle power you have, and how much money you want to spend. Our team at Accurate Drilling can give you some great insight into what might work best for your property. Contact us today.