There are many reasons why a person may choose to drill a water well on their property.  Whatever the reasons, a person needs to make sure they have done the proper research before any drilling a well. Failure to do the proper research may lead to having to spend more money, may lead to more frustration, and will cause you to spend extra time and effort.

When you hire Accurate Drilling Solutions, these are some of the considerations we will cover with you before drilling a well for your property.

Legal Requirements

Before you start any drilling project, make sure that you have legal permission to do so. If there is a legal prohibition preventing you from drilling, such as the area is environmentally sensitive and therefore is protected, then not only will you not be allowed to drill, but you may be fined and even arrested for drilling.

Every government and agency has different rules and regulations concerning drilling.  Our experts at Accurate Drilling Solutions will assist you in understanding the relevant rules and laws applicable to your property and assist you with completing and obtaining the proper paperwork.

We will also make sure that all drilling and building complies with the laws and regulations.  We will also make sure that the private well will not be a source of contamination and explain to you the proper ways to secure your well, once built, from becoming contaminated.  Showing that you understand this might be a prerequisite to obtaining any permits or licenses.

Site Planning

Building a well is not up to random chance.  You cannot just pick a place on your property that is out of the way and therefore will not be an eye-sore and place a well there. Water wells need to be in an area that allows access to the aquifer and also presents conditions that will prevent contamination or back-flow from occurring.  You will also want to make sure that the water source used can be adequately recharged so that you and your family will be able to enjoy long-term usage.

Water Quality

It is not enough to have an adequate water supply for your water well, but the water quality must be at a level that is safe for human consumption.  If harmful bacteria and/or pollutants contaminate the water source, then that raises a number of issues. Primarily, that water might not be fit for human consumption. As a result, a new water source will have to be tapped into, if available.

Accurate Drilling Solutions will test the water quality before installing any wells. This ensures that you and your family will have access to safe drinking water.

Neighborhood Impact

It is important to know how your neighbors receive their water.  If your neighbors are also receiving their water from a water well, then you should consider that.  You will want to make sure that your water usage will not interfere with your neighbor’s usage and vice versa.  Furthermore, if your neighbor’s water well becomes contaminated, it might impact your water quality and vice versa.

Accurate Drilling will assist you in choosing an area that will avoid or minimize these potential problems.