Everybody needs water to function properly. However, in certain places in the United States (and around the world), water has the potential to make you very sick. Heavy metals, minerals, as well as bacteria have the potential to find their way into the water supply. Biological contaminants might be some of the biggest concerns. Homeowners need not worry about those sorts of issues though. Water filter systems are widely available for anybody who needs them, and are ultimately a very smart investment for your home. This week we give you some tips on how to sort through the available options and find what works for you. Read on to learn our top tips on choosing a water filter system.

There are a couple of options for filter types in residential settings, and in some cases, homeowners may want to use more than one.

Whole Home Filtration System

The whole home system is probably the best water filter system option for a majority of homeowners. This is the method that has the highest cost upfront. However, it ultimately is equivalent or less than the long-term cost of other methods. The extra money also delivers an extra level of efficiency and quality.

Whole home systems remove all of the bad things from your water supply. From minerals to heavy metals and even biological contaminants, the whole home system does it all. In fact, these systems purify water even through an emergency situation. This is perfect for Floridians enduring hurricanes.

Under-The-Sink Water Filter

Installing a filter under your sink is also a pretty good option. It is particularly effective for people who still need quality filtration without the cost of the whole home system. Like a home system, it removes all types of dangerous things from your water. It is also functional in emergency situations. However, it only guarantees the quality of the water from the one sink that it is attached to. It delivers the best results when used in conjunction with the filter that goes on the faucet.

Faucet-Mounted Filters

Faucet-mounted filters are a medium level of protection. They do remove certain minerals and metals. However, it does not protect residents from biological contaminants. The quality of faucet filters varies widely, so make sure to read the fine print carefully.

Water Pitcher Filter

Water pitchers offer the lowest level of protection when it comes to water filters. It has the same level of filtration as fridges that dispense water do. Pitchers really only remove a few minerals from the water, not heavy duty contaminants. If you do not need protection, but are seeking a better tasting water, the pitcher filter is the best option for you.