Hiring a well drilling contractor is a nerve-wracking decision for many people. Wells represent a significant investment of time, money, and energy. A quality well and knowledgeable contractors provide peace of mind for homeowners. This week we are enumerating questions for homeowners to help find the perfect well driller for your property and family.

Are You Fully Licensed & Insured?

This is the number one question to ask before hiring a well drilling professional. Most legitimate businesses acknowledge that they are licensed, insured, and equipped on their website. However, if you cannot find it, the company should confirm it for you.

Above all, if a homeowner has a nagging feeling that they cannot trust someone’s word that they are licensed, it is easy enough to check. The Florida Department of Environmental Protection delegates licensing to five water management districts. Accurate Drilling Solutions is licensed through the Southwest Florida Water Management District. We are also fully insured.

You can find the SFWMD requirements for licenses here.

What Is Covered In The Contract?

Determine what exactly the work agreement you sign outlines. It is important to seek out a full-service company who will not stop work at a key part of the process. Asking this question also helps you learn whether a company warranties their work.

Accurate Drilling Solution offers a five-year warranty on all equipment that we install. This warranty is in place because we know we install only premium well parts with close attention to detail. If a company is not willing to stand behind their work, that gives many people pause.

What Type Of Well Should I Invest In?

It is important that your well driller understands exactly the need for water at your home. Many different factors go into selecting the type of well to drill on your property. A reputable well drilling expert knows how to determine what you and your family need.

Fortunately, Floridians have many options for what types of wells they can select. Communicate the number of people in your household and how you will use the water.

Where Can I Put My Well?

This is again something a qualified well drilling professional can help with. Where will goes on a property largely depends on the placement of the home and what type of well a homeowner and contractor determine will work best. Generally, wells need to be far enough away from the house so that they aren’t affecting foundation. However, they should be close enough to prevent issues with water pressure.

How Much Will It Cost?

Always ask for an estimate before signing anything. When you agree to a contract, ensure that the price is the one you agreed upon. Conscientious well drillers understand just how much of a financial investment wells are for many families. Communicate your budget while you are determining what type of well to drill.