Homeowners have plenty of options when it comes to keeping their lawn beautiful and lush with various types of irrigation. Read on to learn all about the different types of irrigation options for your lawn.

What is Irrigation?

Irrigation is a means of delivering water to assist in the growth of plants in fertilized soil and/or to maintain landscapes.  There are four types of irrigation systems for residential properties.  They are surface irrigation, sprinkler irrigation, drip irrigation, and blended irrigation.  Our certified technicians at Accurate Drilling Solutions will be more than happy to discuss which one of the irrigation options are best for you.

What is Surface Irrigation?

Surface irrigation is the oldest and most common form of irrigation throughout the world.  Another name for surface irrigation is flood irrigation.  The basic premises of this form of irrigation is water is applied to the surface of the landscape. Then, gravity distributes the water to the lower elevations across the property.  There are three major types of surface irrigation:

  • Level basin irrigation is irrigation for small areas that have borders of banks of earth. Irrigation floods the area with water and gives it time to infiltrate into the ground.  This is a common form of irrigation in rice paddies in Asia.
  • Furrow irrigation is irrigation where experts build open aqueducts or tubes on the border of the largest slope of the property. Then, they fill these aqueducts or tubes with water which then flows down the length.  At various intervals in the aqueduct or tubes,  holes allow water to flow out. The water then flows into ditches that run with the crops and irrigate them.
  • Border strip irrigation is a hybrid of the level basin and furrow irrigation techniques. The farmer divides the field into zones and designates specific zones to flood from the aqueduct or tube system.

What is Sprinkler Irrigation?

Sprinkler irrigation is a common form of irrigation commonly on residential lawns and golf courses.  Sprinkler irrigation is provides water in a way that simulates rainfall in a controlled manner.  Many sprinkler systems are underground. That makes it easier to use landscapes with uneven surfaces.

What is Drip Irrigation?

Drip irrigation is a form of irrigation that applies water directly to the roots of plants. This process minimizes the loss of water through evaporation.  Drip irrigation can be either on the surface or buried underground.  Drip irrigation can be more efficient than other forms of irrigation but can also cost more to maintain.

What is Blended Irrigation?

Blended irrigation is a type of irrigation that uses a hybrid of any of the other irrigation methods.  For example, you might have a residential property that has a small garden and a large lawn.  It might be more efficient to have a drip irrigation system for the garden while also maintaining a sprinkler irrigation system for the lawn.

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