Does My Business Need a Well?

Just about every single building you can imagine uses water. That kind of goes without saying, though, doesn’t it? Water is probably the most essential thing on our planet, and our businesses need a good supply. It doesn’t matter what sector your business is in, what it does, or how big it is – It needs water. Your staff needs to drink, your plumbing needs to run, and if you’ve got a landscape, it needs to be watered.

And all that need for water can add up as a utility cost. Your bottom line can see an immense increase depending on your water usage. So what are some other benefits of installing a well for your business?

Save on Business Expenses

As we mentioned, using municipal water can run you pretty high. Not to mention sewer hookups and other potential fees… But a private water supply can ease that burden. Monthly water bills based on how much water you use are a thing of the past when you supply your own water. Over time this results in massive savings, and on average, your well will pay for itself in just a few years. Of course, it might pay for itself sooner if you utilize federal and state tax credits.

Better Water Quality

Municipal systems are required by law to use chemicals like chlorine to make it safe. This can change how the water tastes, smells, and can even have an impact on its texture. Many public water fixtures are aging, having been installed years ago. Private well water, meanwhile, comes from aquifers deep under the earth. The water table does not have harsh chemicals in it. You just get fresher water from wells. Your employees and customers benefit from better-tasting water free of chemical additives.

Reliable Water

It can be frustrating when you need water, but the city has determined it’s time for some routine maintenance. You never have to worry about supply issues when your well is its own water supply. If a pipe or water main bursts down the street, you’ll still have water because you aren’t a part of that line. Otherwise, you might go days without water in your business. By contrast, wells never stop supplying you with water. It’s down in the earth, and your well will provide enough for all of your needs. Cleaning, fire protection, irrigation, and manufacturing applications can benefit from having well water. Farming and textile work, in particular, can see massive benefits from wells.

Long-term Benefits

Is getting a well worth it? Installation costs of a well water system may be high, but you see a return on that investment, as we mentioned earlier. Your well can last you over a decade if properly maintained, saving you money every year. As long as you hire a reputable, licensed well contractor, you can ensure that your water system won’t fail you. Using a well even increases the property value outright. If you’re ready to take the plunge and install a well for your business, give Accurate Drilling a call. We’ll go over your needs and expectations and install the perfect well for your property. If you still aren’t sure, give us a call all the same. We’d love to tell you more.